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Dual Powder

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Color D-C10 warm yellow
D-C10 warm yellow
D-C2 warm yellow
D-C25 warm yellow
D-C3 warm yellow
D-C35 warm yellow
D-C4 warm yellow
D-C45 warm yellow
D-C5 warm yellow
D-C57 warm yellow
D-C6 warm yellow
D-C8 warm yellow
D-C85 warm yellow
D-C9 warm yellow
D-C95 warm yellow
D-N10 cool neutral
D-N11 cool neutral
D-N14 cool neutral
D-N15 cool neutral
D-N2 cool neutral
D-N25 cool neutral
D-N3 cool neutral
D-N4 cool neutral
D-N45 cool neutral
D-N5 cool neutral
D-N7 cool neutral
D-N8 cool neutral
D-N95 cool neutral
  • foundation and powder all in one
  • medium to full coverage
  • use as a foundation with brush or sponge
  • use for touch ups
  • will not settle into fine lines
  • use on top of any liquid or cream foundation
  • to set or add coverage
  • use dampened sponge for full coverage foundation (for oily skins)


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